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Environmental investments to the fleet continue

During the end of July and beginning of August, both Calamar and Delamar went to drydock for a change of class and a second special survey.

Delamar and Calamar were fitted with ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) in accordance with IMO regulations. The aim of the ballast water treatment system is to prevent marine species from transferring from one sea area to another and consequently affecting the local marine environment. The installation was again challenging due to the small size of the engine room. In total, 150 meters of new pipes and 400 meters of new cable were installed.

Other works included main engine overhaul and the sandblasting and painting of 1,350 square meters of the cargo hold walls and 250 meters of new rubber packing for hatch covers to ensure water tightness.

“This year we were able to be on site as the Covid-vaccinations were done and despite the increase of cases in Estonia, we did not face any issues regarding Covid-19”, says Technical Director Leif Holmberg from GoTa Ship Management, the technical manager of our owned vessels.

BWTS-installations for Calamar and Delamar were part of the larger investment program for the existing fleet. This year ESL Shipping, the parent company of AtoB@C Shipping, has invested eight million euros for environmental upgrades to its 24-strong owned fleet.

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