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We operate in the sensitive waters of the Baltic Sea and our aim is to be forerunner in sustainability in our segment.

We operate in the sensitive waters of the Baltic Sea. Safety and responsibility are our first priorities. Our main task is to provide all our employees onboard and ashore a safe working environment and bring them safely back home. Responsibility for colleagues cannot be compromised by any individual.

Every industry is today facing a great sustainability challenge driven first of all by climate change. We have witnessed the change in prevailing weather conditions on the Baltic Sea, where the amount of winter ice has decreased over the years but the number of days with heavy winds has simultaneously increased significantly. That is why we act wherever we can.

Our roadmap towards fossil-free shipping consists of three main development areas:

1. Investment into best available ship technology capable of shifting from fossil to non-fossil fuels
2. customer commitment and sharing of the same vision for low-emission shipping
3. building an industrial-scale supply of non-fossil fuels in partnership with the energy industry.

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