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Deliveries have started for
5,350 dwt plug-in hybrid coasters

50% less CO2 emissions compared to present generation of vessels.

AtoB@C Shipping invests in the future with twelve 5,350 dwt battery hybrid vessels.

The first vessel of the series, Electramar, is now in service! These new vessels will be market leaders in terms of cargo capacity, technology and innovation. Ice class 1A vessels are equipped with battery technology and shore power connection which enable emission-free and noise-free port visits.


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When the first vessel is in traffic?

The first vessel of the series, Electramar, was delivered in December and after that, one new vessel will be delivered every quarter until mid-2026.

What does it mean that the vessels are "plug-in hybrid"?

Vessels are equipped with 1 MWh battery pack and shore power connectivity. The principle is similar to hybrid cars: vessels are able to sail in electric mode for short distances and at sea battery pack helps to optimise engine load of the main engine and provides extra power if needed such as in ice conditions. Being plug-in hybrid, vessels batteries can be charged from the shore or at sea by the main engine. 

Which fuel does the vessel use?

Vessels will use low sulphur fuel oil combined with 1 MW battery pack, which enables peak shaving and emission free departures and arrivals from port with electric mode. Vessels are able to run on renewable fuels as well.

Are the vessels able to use renewable fuels?
Vessels are able to run on different renewable diesel blends such as Neste Marine 0.1 Co-processed.