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3,000-tonners join AtoB@C Shipping’s fleet

On the 1st of July, AtoB@C Shipping has taken over time-charter contracts of 3,000 dwt vessels Baltic Carrier, Baltic Merchant, Baltic Skipper, Capella and Delfin, which have been on time-charter to our parent company ESL Shipping since 2017.

The daily operations of these vessels were transferred to AtoB@C Shipping in April and with the takeover of time charter contracts, the transfer is now complete. These vessels have been operated in the same vessel pool together with our vessels since 2018, when ESL Shipping acquired AtoB@C Shipping.

"This change improves our operations and enables us to serve our customers even better", says Commercial Director Toni Rönnberg.

With this change, all coaster-size vessels in the 3,000-6,000 dwt segment are now operated by AtoB@C Shipping and ESL Shipping concentrates on the operations of an owned fleet of 9,000-56,000 dwt vessels.

For more information, please contact:
Toni Rönnberg, Commercial Director
tel. +358 9 521 9905,