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AtoB@C Shipping AB 01.08.2018

We operate in the sensitive waters of the Baltic Sea an Arctic areas. Safety and responsibility are our first priorities. Having said this, we must admit it is not always easy to deliver what we promise. During last few years we have devoted a lot of time and resources to improve
our human and technology standards, but we acknowledge we still are far away from being perfect and a lot of work remains. Our main task is to provide all our employees onboard and ashore a safe working environment and bring them safely back home. Responsibility for colleagues cannot be compromised by any individual.

Every industry is today facing a great sustainability challenge driven first of all by climate change. We
have witnessed the change in prevailing weather conditions on the Baltic Sea, where the amount of winter ice has decreased over the years but the number of days with heavy winds has simultaneously increased significantly. That is why we act wherever we can.

Many of our clients belong to industries utilizing large amounts of valuable natural resources in their production. And all of them are looking for solutions how to decrease their environmental footprint. We are actively participating this development and working together with our clients in order to minimize the footprint caused by sea transport of raw materials. This means, for example, reducing harmful air emissions at sea and in ports by introducing new LNG technology, minimizing shipboard waste and dry bulk cargo residues into the sea by implementing adequate ways to handle residues on board and pump them
into reception facilities. We are also dry bulk shipping first to install shore power connection into our ships.

Because we know we are part of the problem, we strongly support global regulation of CO2-emissions in shipping. In this respect, International Chamber of Shipping has prepared an industry proposal to International Maritime Organization IMO, hopefully resulting in a global roadmap for significant long-term emission reductions. In our newbuilding project, we are successfully demonstrating it is possible to combine
a solid business case with CO2-emission reduction exceeding 50 percent. A perfect showcase what can be done in deep co-operation with an industrial client, when there is mutual will to do so.

We offer our clients reliable, safe and flexible deliveries regardless weather and ice conditions as sustainable as possible. Not always easy, but definitely worth working for.

Mikki Koskinen
Managing Director
ESL Shipping Ltd

AtoB@C Shipping AB

AtoB@C Shipping AB is specialist in carrying industrial products, project cargos and raw materials. Company operates several liner services from Scandinavia to UK and Central Europe. Founded in 2000, AtoB@C Shipping is part of ESL Shipping Ltd.

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